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Enriching Engagement Opportunities as a Volunteer or an Intern



Internships at Prithvi Innovations are full of exciting, enriching, engaging, enabling, empowering, and enjoyable opportunities, like

  • personal fulfillment,

  • skill enhancement & capacity building,

  • multi-dimensional growth,

  • good networking,

  • participation in international movements and campaigns,

  • chance to gain international awards and recognition,

  • professional growth and career advancement.

Individual students ( class 7 onwards), Youth, or Youth groups who wish to engage in exciting and challenging real-life community projects or as part of their academic requirements are welcome to join us as, either a Volunteer or as an Intern respectively.

Young graduates while starting their career or higher education, or as a part of their academic requirement, join us as Volunteers or Interns.


4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks up to 48 weeks or one year are encouraged.
The period of internship could range from a month to a year or more. There are various kinds of internship options student can opt for

Volunteering /Internship Location:

Preferably Lucknow and areas in UP and Uttaranchal


Generally, all interns have to complete 15 days of volunteering before they can qualify as Interns. After 15 days period, a nominal stipend may be given to them, depending on the project they undertake, their time contribution, and the Project budget.



Areas of Internship

We offer internships to students and young professionals in any or all of these areas:

  • Education

  • Science & Environment,

  • Livelihood

  • Vocational Training

  • Event Management

  • Health,

  • Culture & Heritage,

  • Management, Costing, Marketing

  • Research & Documentation

During internship, youth are involved in particular tasks such as research & documentation work, Social Media Promotions, Design & Development work, or Fieldwork, depending on their interest and capability, related to the on-going project.

  • Types of Internships

  • Based on duration:

  • i) Short-term ( 1 month- 6 months)
    ii) Long-term ( more than 6 months)


  • Based on Timing:

  • i) Structured- Fixed time of the year-Summer/Winter
    ii) Non-structured- any time of the year


  • Based on People

  • i) Individual
    ii) Group (2 to 5 members)

  • Based on Payment

  • i) Paid
    iii) Unpaid

 Selection Process: Students willing to join as a Volunteer or an intern are requested to fill the given registration form and send it along with an institution request letter to Students would be informed about the selection within 2 weeks of sending the completed request form.

Certification: Project Completion Certificate would be issued on successful completion of the project within the scheduled time and as per the guidelines given. The Interns have to submit a project report to Prithvi’s Panel of Expert on completion of the internship.

What's There For You


  • Wonderful opportunity for self-extension, self-fulfillment, personal, professional, and social growth.

  • Opportunity to gain experience and develop Functional Leadership, Communication,  Documentation & other valuable Life skills.

  • A better understanding of various socio-economic and environmental concerns, issues at the local and global level.

  • Insights & learning how effective education can contribute to Sustainable Lifestyle and Development in line with the Global Goals.

  • Value addition in their Curriculum Vitae.

Meet Our Youth Volunteers

Shubhangi Bajpai

It’s my pleasure to be a part of Prithvi Innovations.

And thank you for believing in me and giving me the opportunity.

Ms.Kriya Tripathi

Meet our amazing Youth Coordinator Ms.Kriya Tripathi.
She is full of passion and has been contributing a lot ,eversince she joined us,by participating in P…


Hi all, I am Akhila, from Nandyal (Andhra Pradesh).

After doing my UG from IIIT Hyderabad, I joined IIM Lucknow and this i…

Mohd Saad

Mohammad Saad, Co-founder, ‘The Riding Hunter’ (Superbikers Group). Blogger, Humanitarian, Journalist, Teacher, Traveler, Vlogger. Former Report…

Janardhan Misra

मेरा नाम जनार्दन मिश्रा है और मै ग्राम पंचायत थावर काकोरी लखनऊ में रहता हूं । मेरी सैछिक योग्यता , मैंने ग्रेजुएट + एम एस डब्लयू किया हुआ है ।

Ananya Mehrotra

I am Ananya Mehrotra , pursuing B.Sc from Isabella Thoburn College. I loved exploring & working with Prithvi Innovations as a volunteer in Online...

Bhoomi Singh






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